As a part of our assessment of our entrepreneurship, we attended a dragons den workshop. During this event, we were marked on a business idea, our consideration of a business model, and our presentation of our business to two dragons.

In groups of seven, we selected a prospective business idea from a list provided. These included:

  • SBS Treborth botanical garden (to attract visitors to the garden)
  • SBS Zoo at Treborth (to convert the gardens into a zoo)
  • SBS Brambell Museum (to open the museum to the public)
  • SBS Mobile wildlife “edutainment” business (to tour schools and holiday parks in North Wales)
  • SBS pet DNA barcoding (an alternative to microchipping)
  • SBS Animal behaviour consultancy
  • SBS Snowdonia ecotours
  • SBS Wildlife garden consultancy
  • Prince Madoc whale watching tours

Our group chose to expand on the mobile wildlife “edutainment” business.



After giving a quick presentation to the class about what our prospective business was, we then spent the next couple of hours filling in a business model, spending approximately 20 to 30 minutes on each section.

After completing our business models, we created a 20-second kick starter style video. For simplicity and ease, we created our video using post-it notes with a voice over to explain what our business would be doing.



A short pitch was then given to the two dragons for the day, Emlyn Williams (currently working within Bangor council) and Lowri Owen (the B-Enterprising Project Manager for Bangor University). After the pitch was given the dragons asked a few questions and gave some quick feedback.


Keep it concise! Research has shown our attention spans have dramatically decreased.

My opinion and how this will affect my future

I found the day useful for truly getting my head around the business model concept, and meant I generally understood what was wanted in each section ready for the business plan assignment. Even though it was a long day, the video creation and presentation felt rushed, however it got the general point across that the business needs to be presented well.

Although many people may have used the ideas discussed in the dragon’s den day, I decided to change my business proposal for my business plan, as I was still struggling to work out the financial and logistics of an edutainment business. It has not changed the fact that I do not wish to start up my own business, as I do not feel comfortable working as a leader in a group and lack the confidence and ideas for starting up a business. The day did give me some more experience presenting with a group of people I had not worked with before.