The first written assignment was designed to give us the experience of creating and tailoring a CV and cover letter to a specific job. Although at first glance this seemed a relatively simple assignment, there were more steps to creating a good CV than we initially thought.


Steps to creating a CV and Cover letter



We first reviewed our strengths, weaknesses, skills and expertise before looking for a job advert using the prospectus website and the Bangor employability hub.

This allowed us to see areas which we could focus on improving and meant we could look for a suitable job advert as we knew what we had to offer. From this, I chose to apply for the scientific officer at Trentham monkey forest.

Following this I researched the company; I already had an idea of what they do, but I wanted to find out their history, commitments, projects and the name of the recruiter. This was done mainly on their website, but also on the sister parks sites and the facebook page.

I then read through the job advert, highlighting key terminology and skills I would need to show competence in, in both the CV and cover letter to have a chance at this job, thus allowing me to tailor my CV. To help with this I set out a two column table, one for the required skill and one for any evidence.

The CV



There are several types of CV, each more appropriate for different sectors. For my application the most appropriate style was chronological. With my relevant work experience, I used the evidence gathered in part 5 to explain what I did that make me a great candidate, starting each statement with a strong power word.

The Cover Letter



I addressed my cover letter to the recruiter by name, and demonstrated my knowledge of the park, explained why I would want to work there, and provided evidence for all areas highlighted in the job advert, without adding anything that wasn’t already on my CV. I then arranged an appointment with the careers service, who suggested a few tweaks to make.


My opinions and how this will affect my future

I found I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment and fully immersed myself in the process, which ultimately lead to disappointment when I realised I couldn’t actually apply. This experience has taught me the importance of tailoring a CV, something which I have never considered before, gave me a chance to look at suitable jobs for the future, and highlighted key areas in which I need to improve on.

Due to looking for jobs for this assessment, I now know I need to be working towards a membership of CIEEM, something I did not know existed, but many of the jobs /I would have liked to apply for required. I have also since been accepted as a volunteer at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, something I attribute to knowing how to best present all the experience I have.

For help with applying for jobs and making yourself more employable see Prospectus.